Architectural film is a self-adhesive non-toxic finishing solution for surface coverage.

Product construction

 Our architectural vinyl films are eco-friendly and flame retardant with stable performance certified by relevant international testing agencies.

Our suppliers manage the manufacturing process to produce high-quality material in a healthy, safe work environment while minimizing the releasee of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Some special features of our highly Eco friendly product are:

1.Does not contain harmful chemicals, that trigger atopic reaction



4. No Heavy metal

5.No Formaldehyde

6.No Phthalate

Modern innovative design of Bodaq Interior Film allows an easy and stress-free application

Air-Channelled Structure

Different surfaces – one product

Bodaq architectural film provides a vast variety of patterns, textures and colors which allows it to be applied on numerous different surfaces, giving them a fresh and outstanding look.

Areas of application

Bodaq architectural film is a durable product, that can be installed in a wide range of areas.

Private Houses, Town houses, Condominiums

A modern and ultimate approach to quickly create or refinish any room of a house with preferred design.

Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Facilities

Updating healthcare building interior with Bodaq film to easily maintain cleaning and sanitization.

Preschools, Schools, Universities

A wise choice of using safe materials in the areas where the rising generation spends a large amount of time.

Restaurants, Cafes, Diners

Refreshing restaurant or café with Bodaq film will surely add coziness to the interior to please guests.

Offices, Corridors, Elevators

Using a durable Bodaq film to create or modify workplaces to make eye pleasing and friendly environment.

Airports, Stations, Shopping Centers

Our wear resistant and easy to clean product makes it an excellent choice for highly crowded areas.

RV-s, Yachts, Private Jets

The high level of humidity and moisture resistance alongside with the thinness of Bodaq film provides a long lasting superior look without using up any of the valuable space.


Technical data