Bodaq Water-Based Primer

For porous substrates only: drywall, plastic or metal sheets, MDF boards, melamine, plaster, and others.

BODAQ primer is a water-based sealer, which needs to be diluted in 50% water.

Application Instructions

  1. Before applying, clean the surface thoroughly.
  2. Apply by brush or roller.
  3. Let dry for 3 hours and then apply the BODAQ Vinyl to have 100% adhesion of the material.
  4. Apply in ventilated areas.
  5. If the application of BODAQ vinyl is required in a shorter time, the drying of BODAQ primer can be accelerated by using a hot air gun or a fan.
  6. After application, close the container well to prevent it from drying out.


Please contact us if you would like to order Bodaq Water-Based Primer.



SIZE 1 kg(2.2lb), 3 kg(6.6lb), 20 kg(44lb)
MAIN COMPONENT Synthetic Rubber
APPEARANCE Soft Blue Emulsion
SOLID CONTENT 60% ( /-2%)
VISCOSITY 6,000-7,000cps (at 77F)
SPECIFIC GRAVITY 1.0 g/cm2 or more (at 68F)
OPEN TIME 5-15 min (at 68F)
STORAGE STABILITY 9 months unopened


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